This year I celebrate New Year’s Eve only with my boyfriend in intimate togetherness. Nevertheless, I wanted to sew me a suitable dress to celebrate together. This time, however, I didn’t got for my party dress pattern but instead tested the first pattern for 2021 – the Noble Dress. All previous patterns are available until and including New Year’s Eve in the -> 2$ Makerist sale <- at a bargain price. Including the Party Dress for all who missed it.

The top of the dress is sewn from stretch velvet and looks in itself already noble but the special is clearly the sequin skirt. And because that was still not fancy enough I’ve also glued a lot of rhinestones and some of the sequins from the remaining skirt fabric separated and sewn along the neckline.

The top has two back necklines, a slightly deeper as here and a higher closed neckline. In the sleeves I spontaneously added a very slight puff width during the cutting, which will be even more in the final pattern with two sleeve variations.

For the skirt part there will be many possibilities, somewhat inspired by the material mix in the casual blouse, the pattern is also intended for a mix of knit fabric together with woven fabric. Here the skirt can be sewn both from woven fabric like my sequin fabric here, from pleated fabrics, any other woven fabric or also from elastic fabrics.

The top is once again available in two fits, once the regular fit (constructed for about A – C cups) and then created with already integrated FBA (Full Bust Adjustment). And what comes at the end of such a detailed description for a new upcoming pattern? Of course, the tester call 😉 Here are all the data summarized:

  • Women’s dress in sizes 32 – 50
  • Two fits, regular and with FBA
  • Normal and puff sleeves in 4 lengths
  • Various skirt shapes for different fabrics
  • Pattern in US Letter, A4, A0 and beamer option

Sounds good? The exact deadline for photo submission is not set yet, but definitely in January. You can apply up to and including December 30, in order for the super fast sewists to be able to finish their dress on New Year’s Eve to celebrate in the evening.

Best regards and enjoy the rest of the holidays!

love, Carina

Sewing pattern: Noble Dress – coming soon
Sequin fabric: byMami
Photos: Daddy
Shoes: Prada


Just before Christmas, this thing happens every year: I do NOT get older *chuckle*. At least only every few years. I found out that there is a real phobia of aging that’s called gerascophobia. Completely irrational and unfounded, I already know that. Nevertheless, I’m celebrating my 22nd birthday once again this year and I’m sure I’ll celebrate it again next year. But at least I’ve already sewn a pretty dress for this day a few weeks ago!

As you can see from the photos, it just recently jumped in front of the camera with when we were chasing the snow. It’s a cozy knit dress based on the new pattern Party Dress.This is ONLY available TODAY, 12/14/2020 in the Ebookmacher Advent Calendar for free *hurrah*. You can add it directly -> here in the store <- for 0$ to the shopping cart and download it afterwards.

The special thing about this dress are the pleats at waist level, both in the front and back. These give the otherwise rather simple A-line sheath dress that certain something. Especially with plain fabrics and fabrics with lines or checks this can be seen best. In addition, the dress as so often has two front parts with different fits. There is the regular front piece and the second with an already integrated FBA (Full Bust Adjustment).

The super soft glitter knit here has been waiting in my fabric stash for quite some time, I can’t even say for sure where it was from. But for the party dress it was absolutely the perfect choice! Since I’ll probably be sitting at home all day today, it’s especially important to wear comfortable clothes. If it’s super elegant at the same time, I’m definitely sold. And yes, I absolutely love sitting in the house in a pretty little dress, without anyone seeing it. I in fact think that I have every right to make myself pretty even if it’s just for my own benefit <3

Enjoy the rest of Advent time and don’t let all the restrictions and lockdowns stop you from doing something good for yourself and getting dressed up for the holidays!

Love, Carina


Sewing pattern dress: Party Dress by Sewera
Shoes: Diamond Heels
Pictures: Wartenweiler Fotografie