On Tuesday I first showed my regular team and a handful of people from my circle a single pattern piece. The confusion about what this could be was pretty big. Admittedly it was also really hard, I still had all the construction lines in it. The result they have probably not expected but I’m even happier because it turned out exactly as I had imagined!

When saving the pattern I asked my dear hubby what I should call it and stuck my sketch under his nose. Inspired by his suggestion I can now present you the Star Dress. The women’s dress has an asymmetrical front with gathering on one side. The pattern is created as a true figure flatterer and especially with the dark stripe on the side it conceals a few centimeters of circumference.

The dividing seam comes out of the neckline and curves towards the hem. The non-gathered side contains a bust dart for the ideal fit, currently I’m still thinking whether the FBA version needs a dart on both front parts and if so, how I accommodate the in the pattern. The sleeves are drawn as always in 4 lengths. Since there’s is currently still snow left at my place I have decided once to be reasonable and went for the long version.

With rapid pace it goes on in the new year with the new patterns but not before the Star Dress has been tested by some eager sewing girls. Accordingly, here’s a brief summary of what the Star Dress can do and what else you need to know about test sewing.

  • Women’s dress in sizes 32 – 50
  • For Jersey knit and other stretch fabrics
  • Regular fit and with integrated FBA
  • Asymmetrical dividing seam with gathering
  • 4 sleeve lengths
  • Dress and t-shirt length
  • V-neckline with facing
  • Start on Monday, January 25, picture submission on Tuesday, February 9.

Applications should be complete with size information and a link to your site/blog/profile so I can contact you 🙂

I look forward to you and hope you also like the pattern as much as I do <3

Love, Carina


Sewing pattern: Star Dress (coming soon)
Shoes: DiamondHeels
Jewelery: Sewera Schmuckshop
Photos: Daddy

It is just before Christmas and in house Sewera, we’re working under high pressure. So much was planned for the Advent season that only now I get to show you the new shirt. The Feel Free Raglan is – as the name suggests – another Raglan shirt. It has gathered sleeves, is loosely cut from the chest down and has among other things a rounded hem.

When I drew the first sketch for it last spring, I thought it would be more of a pattern for my mom and I will probably wear it less. And guess who has to sew one or two of the shirts for herself in the few next days? 😉
The design was created within the framework of the Sewunity Advent calendar. There we were already asked many months ago whether we would like to participate. Just as early we had to have a design ready and indicate what it would be. Accordingly, the e-book has been finished for quite a while now. Only I was late with the photos again, i had some for the design examples but these here were taken only this week. *coughing*

After I noticed at my party last weekend that two dear friends meet for photos in my favourite location, I immediately joined them. As you can see, I wear ‘only’ a leggings to my shirt for once, when I usually wear it only for sports or under a dress. I also wanted to tell you why. It is rather still a taboo topic. But since there are so many places where they are broken lately, I wanted to give my thoughts to one of them 😉

I’m talking hairs. Not the one on the head. For a little more than a year now I have been going to a very dear lady for sugaring. Because even if the nobody except my boyfriend sees this spot – FOR ME it is important that the pubic area is free of it. Because then I feel better. I know, you’re only supposed to talk about it with good friends, but why actually? It concerns all of us. Sure, it’s not equally important to everyone, but it’s important to me. For years I have cursed, always managed to get small wounds from it.. Sugaring is painful – that’s right. But it lasts for some time. And it lasts longer and hurts less after a few months. Or you simply get used to the pain by going there every few weeks. Since I had such an appointment again in the morning before the photos, you see me there now also in the leggings. Because jeans – as comfortable as they are – don’t get close to leggings. Something pinches too fast. And even if I always hold on to the saying ‘if you want to be pretty, you have to suffer’, comfort more important to me, the older I get. Therefore today to the Feel Free Raglan for my conditions quite atypically a Sporty Leggings in addition. Because between you and me: At home I almost only walk around with it anyway 😉

Do you also have such favourite pieces for beauty days or any quirks that are not normally reported on in public? Let’s get rid of such taboo topics together and tell your stories!

Love, Carina


Sewing pattern shirt: Feel Free Raglan 
Sewing pattern pants: Sporty Leggings
Photos by: Wartenweiler Fotografie
Linked to: SewLala, Du für Dich am Donnerstag

In between I have to put a ‘little black’ in my wardrobe again. And since I have several occasions in the last month of the year to wear pretty dresses, I can never have enough of them! So it was time again for a warm, cuddly sweat dress.

Oh how practical, when after a long time there is finally a new pattern in sample sewing. And then it fits so well to the season! The X-Dress is a reference to Christmas (X-Mas) and especially elegantly designed.

Well, whether skulls are really that festive is arguable. But I didn’t sew the dress for christmas. A few days before I’ll be a year older. Today to be exact. Therefore it is also rather a birthday dress 😉 I got the super soft sweat fabric from Amy&Luke for the design sewing and it is so soft that I would like to sleep in it!

By the way, here you can see how the curls look like, which I mentioned in the last article to the morning coat. The sample sewing for the X-Dress has been finished for a few minutes now and the pattern is now available for you to buy. And because it’s my birthday, I would like to give you a little present. There is a suuuuper great introductory price of only €1.80/$2.13.

The dress can also do a lot, by the way, it contains hidden bust darts for smaller or larger bust sizes (there are two separate front parts for this), a detailed instruction to adjust this, in addition waist darts are drawn in the back to make an even better figure and to counteract a sway back. In addition there are 2 different necklines, which are elegantly trimmed with a facing. And for the hopefully soon coming sun there are also 4 different sleeve lengths. Well, already convinced?

You still have a few days until Christmas and can sew yourself such a great, festive dress <3

I’m looking forward to seeing your own interpretations of the pattern 😉


Love, Carina


Sewing pattern: X – Dress by Sewera (now on sale for only €1.80/$2.13)
Fabric sponsored by: Amy&Luke
Pictures by: muckelie

Sewing with silk knit fabric

This fabric has been waiting for its purpose for a very long time. It was labeled with silk but must have some small amount of stretch (lycra) to it too. It’s only stretchy crossways but wouldn’t give in the least bit lengthways. Let me tell you, it was a pain to be sewing. But ooooh if you could only feel the fabric, it’s sooo soft to the touch <3

Raglan Dress

Only very few hours before the testing of the new Simply Raglan Shirt pattern ended, i had to whip up one more example. I’ve been keeping this fabric in my stash for about 3 years and have always been waiting for the perfect pattern to use. I’m pretty confident that THIS is it! I absolutely love how it’s draping nicely around my body and shimmering whenever i move.

Summer dress

With the Festival Saison on the door steps, i always feel like i need to make something special just for this occasion. To be dancing in front of a stage all day/night long, i might better but a pair of hotpants underneath, maybe with some lace finish? But at least i wont get too hot in this dress plus i finally found the one hairstyle for my still rather short hair. What do you think, is this a good look for festivals or is there anything you would improve on it? Let me know in the comments 😉

Jump high

When i was looking for a pair of matching shoes for the pictures i realised: i don’t have any purple or lilac shoes! So i ended up doing the pictures with bare feet, standing on my heels without the support of actual shoes. Or simply jumping aroung 😉 The pictures were taken by my daughter again, she’s starting to develop quite some talent with the camera! Only while preparing myself she had to complain: ‘Momma, don’t you think you’re kinda overdoing it with the makeup?’. Uhm, no i don’t think so but i’m also glad she doesn’t like it much yet. I bet that’s gonna change soon enough…..

Simply Raglan Dress

Do you even know why i love dresses that much? Other than with shirts & pants you only need one single piece of clothing. Never have to worry if two things match, just grab the top piece in your wardrobe and you’re fully dressed! Plus if it’s such a fast sew as this raglan sleeve shirt (or rather dress with my added 15cm/6inch length to the hem), i definitely will sew some more for this summer. And fall. And winter 😀 You can never have too many dresses. Until sunday you can grab the pattern on a special release offer of 50% off!

I hope you enjoy summer and the sun as much as i do and maybe even relax or dance in one of these dresses yourself soon?
Love, Carina


Sewing pattern Dress: Simply Raglan Shirt by Sewera
Fabric: now closed store
Photos by: my daughter
Styling & picture editing by me
To be seen on: Du für Dich am DonnerstagSewlala