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Fake leather and embroidery on a shirt

My mom has something similar hanging in the closet for many years and for a long time I thought that this is “suitable for their generation” but certainly not for me. Well as you can clearly see I changed my mind and eventually sewed myself a shirt in this style this week. The boho shirt […]

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Figure flattering gathered dress

On Tuesday I first showed my regular team and a handful of people from my circle a single pattern piece. The confusion about what this could be was pretty big. Admittedly it was also really hard, I still had all the construction lines in it. The result they have probably not expected but I’m even […]


Sparkly NYE Dress

This year I celebrate New Year’s Eve only with my boyfriend in intimate togetherness. Nevertheless, I wanted to sew me a suitable dress to celebrate together. This time, however, I didn’t got for my party dress pattern but instead tested the first pattern for 2021 – the Noble Dress. All previous patterns are available until […]

Birthday dress – the Party Dress

Just before Christmas, this thing happens every year: I do NOT get older *chuckle*. At least only every few years. I found out that there is a real phobia of aging that’s called gerascophobia. Completely irrational and unfounded, I already know that. Nevertheless, I’m celebrating my 22nd birthday once again this year and I’m sure […]


Pearls and Sequins – Hand embroidery

When I put something into my head, I have to put it into practice. No matter how much time it takes. With this dress it was about 7 hours for embroidering alone. But I am soooo happy with the final result, so the effort was absolutely worth it! I originally wanted to use the olive […]

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Fit for springtime

Oh, I’m telling you – I was totally knocked out before these photos were taken. Because I wanted to meet up ‘only’ for photos and some chat with my dear Susanne of muckelie. And what have we done? She chased me up the mountain over the 1000 steps trail, a staircase with actually 1150 steps. […]