My mom has something similar hanging in the closet for many years and for a long time I thought that this is “suitable for their generation” but certainly not for me. Well as you can clearly see I changed my mind and eventually sewed myself a shirt in this style this week.

The boho shirt makes a great figure with the high waist, tunic length and loosely flared towards the hem. The neckline is pretty but subtly emphasized and mom says it’s a super belly hiding pattern. I covered the diamond in the center with a piece of perforated faux leather and then sewed lots of beads and sequins on it by hand. Since I was super meticulous about the pattern on the leather when I cut it, I was able to use it directly as a placement template for my beads.

When taking photos it rained, as it did the whole day. So that Dad and especially the camera do not get wet, my boyfriend has dutifully placed himself with an umbrella next to it and ensured that the electronics did not get wet. My shirt and I didn’t care about the rain, you can’t even see it on the pictures. But we have certainly looked pretty funny for outsiders, as we stood there in front of the garage door for taking pictures 😉

You are already used to it, if I show you a new pattern it is because I would like to let you test it. In my regular team has already diligently discussed what you could still add and what other options I should make. So here is the most important summarized:

  • Women’s tunic in sizes 32 – 50 / US 2 – 20
  • Tunic length but with possibility to maxi dress or shortened as shirt
  • Regular fit and second front part with already integrated FBA
  • Optional insert in neckline to show less skin
  • Main part sewn with jersey
  • 2 sleeve variations, one in jersey and one in woven fabric for airy summer fabrics
  • 4 different sleeve lengths or sleeveless
  • A4, US Letter, A0 and projector file
  • Start from 8. February, submission of pictures on 23. February
  • Application directly here on the blog as a comment, on Facebook or Instagram as a comment under the corresponding posts

Next I want to sew myself a maxi dress for the summer! But now I’m just curious to hear what you say to my Boho Shirt and whether one or the other already wants to equip their wardrobe for spring / summer. Or a cheerful, light winter shirt.

Love, Carina

Sewing pattern shirt: Boho Shirt – coming soon
Sewing pattern pants: Skinnyjeans by Sewera
Shoes: DiamondHeels
Photos: Papa

As if I didn’t already have enough dresses in my closet, I had to sew myself a new one. For my Twisted Dress here I have used up the rest of a stretch velvet and am already a little sad not to have more of it. Mom would’ve loved to get one as a shirt with this fabric too.

I’ve learned with the fabric here, however: You should stick to your own fabric specifications when testing and sewing patterns! The stretch velvet is no 4-way stretch as you should use for the twisted dress and even if it still looks quite good, so I guess I shouldn’t eat quite so much.

In addition, the dress is a little shorter in length than planned. The advantage of this: The pattern now contains two versions for the knot, once at waist level and once under the chest as in the dress here. This came about because it slides up due to the lack of length elasticity here and my sample sewing girls also found this look quite great. Since we could not decide which is better, there are now simply both.

The sample sewing of the Twisted Dress was brilliant, I think I’ve never had so many girls and that even though I could not take quite a few applicants. Well, the selection of sewn and photographed dresses shows a true love for the pattern. It is incredibly versatile and can now be sewn not only as a dress but also as a shirt or maxidress. I have hardly kept up to look at all the pretty pieces made by the girls <3

Of course there is a sale for the Twisted Dress in the first days as always. So go for the fabric, pay attention to the recommendation (!) and then the Twisted Dress is sewn in no time. The knot is super easy and quick to make 😉

Love, Carina

Sewing pattern: Twisted Dress by Sewera
Shoes: Louboutin
Jewelry: Sewera Schmuckshop
Photos: Papa