My mom has something similar hanging in the closet for many years and for a long time I thought that this is “suitable for their generation” but certainly not for me. Well as you can clearly see I changed my mind and eventually sewed myself a shirt in this style this week.

The boho shirt makes a great figure with the high waist, tunic length and loosely flared towards the hem. The neckline is pretty but subtly emphasized and mom says it’s a super belly hiding pattern. I covered the diamond in the center with a piece of perforated faux leather and then sewed lots of beads and sequins on it by hand. Since I was super meticulous about the pattern on the leather when I cut it, I was able to use it directly as a placement template for my beads.

When taking photos it rained, as it did the whole day. So that Dad and especially the camera do not get wet, my boyfriend has dutifully placed himself with an umbrella next to it and ensured that the electronics did not get wet. My shirt and I didn’t care about the rain, you can’t even see it on the pictures. But we have certainly looked pretty funny for outsiders, as we stood there in front of the garage door for taking pictures 😉

You are already used to it, if I show you a new pattern it is because I would like to let you test it. In my regular team has already diligently discussed what you could still add and what other options I should make. So here is the most important summarized:

  • Women’s tunic in sizes 32 – 50 / US 2 – 20
  • Tunic length but with possibility to maxi dress or shortened as shirt
  • Regular fit and second front part with already integrated FBA
  • Optional insert in neckline to show less skin
  • Main part sewn with jersey
  • 2 sleeve variations, one in jersey and one in woven fabric for airy summer fabrics
  • 4 different sleeve lengths or sleeveless
  • A4, US Letter, A0 and projector file
  • Start from 8. February, submission of pictures on 23. February
  • Application directly here on the blog as a comment, on Facebook or Instagram as a comment under the corresponding posts

Next I want to sew myself a maxi dress for the summer! But now I’m just curious to hear what you say to my Boho Shirt and whether one or the other already wants to equip their wardrobe for spring / summer. Or a cheerful, light winter shirt.

Love, Carina

Sewing pattern shirt: Boho Shirt – coming soon
Sewing pattern pants: Skinnyjeans by Sewera
Shoes: DiamondHeels
Photos: Papa

On Tuesday I first showed my regular team and a handful of people from my circle a single pattern piece. The confusion about what this could be was pretty big. Admittedly it was also really hard, I still had all the construction lines in it. The result they have probably not expected but I’m even happier because it turned out exactly as I had imagined!

When saving the pattern I asked my dear hubby what I should call it and stuck my sketch under his nose. Inspired by his suggestion I can now present you the Star Dress. The women’s dress has an asymmetrical front with gathering on one side. The pattern is created as a true figure flatterer and especially with the dark stripe on the side it conceals a few centimeters of circumference.

The dividing seam comes out of the neckline and curves towards the hem. The non-gathered side contains a bust dart for the ideal fit, currently I’m still thinking whether the FBA version needs a dart on both front parts and if so, how I accommodate the in the pattern. The sleeves are drawn as always in 4 lengths. Since there’s is currently still snow left at my place I have decided once to be reasonable and went for the long version.

With rapid pace it goes on in the new year with the new patterns but not before the Star Dress has been tested by some eager sewing girls. Accordingly, here’s a brief summary of what the Star Dress can do and what else you need to know about test sewing.

  • Women’s dress in sizes 32 – 50
  • For Jersey knit and other stretch fabrics
  • Regular fit and with integrated FBA
  • Asymmetrical dividing seam with gathering
  • 4 sleeve lengths
  • Dress and t-shirt length
  • V-neckline with facing
  • Start on Monday, January 25, picture submission on Tuesday, February 9.

Applications should be complete with size information and a link to your site/blog/profile so I can contact you 🙂

I look forward to you and hope you also like the pattern as much as I do <3

Love, Carina


Sewing pattern: Star Dress (coming soon)
Shoes: DiamondHeels
Jewelery: Sewera Schmuckshop
Photos: Daddy

Who stands in the snow at below freezing point in a short, thin summer dress? Exactly – ME! But my latest work I just had to photograph immediately to share it with you <3

The family just shook their heads and confirmed once again that I’m supposed to be really crazy. But they should know that by now, after all, they know me long enough. Okay, but they also know that I do not like snow, winter and everything that has to do with it at all.

I already wanted to make a pattern in this style last year or even the year before and never got around to it. Now I’ve finally made it and am absolutely thrilled! The pattern has already a great fit in the first attempt exactly as I wanted it. Work is more fun this way 😀 And you know what’s even better about it?

Of course I would like to share the Twisted Dress with you and therefore there it is as the second January pattern. It is sewn super fast (including cutting I only needed about an hour) and although it looks very special, it is totally easy to sew. Of course, it is also available with long sleeves, as with most of the Sewera patterns.

So here comes already the first tester call in this year, the Twisted Dress would like to be available very quickly for as many sewing girls as possible. Here is all the important info:

  • Women’s dress in sizes 32 – 50 / US 2 – 20
  • Suitable fabrics: rather thin, soft-falling knit fabrics
  • 4 different sleeve lengths
  • 2 different back necklines
  • 2 different front necklines
  • Straight hem and with rounded slit in front
  • Start of testing: Sunday, January 10 – picture submission on Tuesday, January 26
  • Patterns in US Letter, A4, A0 and an extra large beamer file each with layers

Does this sound good to you? Then I’m very happy to receive your application either here on the blog or on Facebook or Instagram with a comment. Please be sure to include your page so I can contact you!

And last but not least, here’s an outtake:

That was the moment when I said “Dad let me just wipe the snow off my shoulders”. The snow is super great for photos, but rather when it is already lying – the snowfall itself made taking pictures rather difficult. But it was funny somehow and honestly: I was really not cold! Simply having some warm thoughts, imagining how nice it is with my family in the southern hemisphere and then it’s ok 😉

And while we’re gonna hear Heidi say “I’m sorry, I have no picture for you today” on TV again, I can at least smile about the girls who are complaining because they’re cold. Been there – done that. Only without whining.

Love, Carina

Sewing pattern: Twisted Dress – coming soon
Photos: Papa

Summer, sun, holidays. That’s exactly what the fabric of my new Summer Dress is screaming about. That’s why I bought it on the market a few years ago, because it called so beautifully for wanderlust. The wonderful motif appealed to me directly, I love such picturesque little towns <3

Unfortunately the fabric is made of polyester (yes I know – shame about me that I have such plastic things at home…), but he had to wait a long time for his project. Because I just didn’t want to wear him so much on my skin. But with the Summer Dress it’s no problem at all, because here almost only the facing is on the skin and it’s made of romanite jersey (there’s at least one part made of cotton) 😀

Instead, the fabric falls even softer and better for the pattern, which is precisely designed for thinner jerseys. A true hint of nothing, which nevertheless dresses well. Now I just have to see when I can finally go to the sea myself. While I’ve never felt homesick before, I’m often plagued by wanderlust…

For my standards the pictures are really banging, but hey the new pattern deserves it! A total of more than 90 pieces were made in sample sewing and that in a very short time, so I’m also allowed to hit the drums *smile*.

Whether with straps or like me my version completely without, whether with a bra insert or only simple facing – from the mini to the maxi dress almost everything is possible with the Summer Dress 😉 And before it is said again that the pattern is only for people of my age and with my figure: I also sewed one for my mum (fabric for the second is waiting…) and as much as I love mummy, but she can’t keep up with my age or body size (and that’s a good thing – imagine if she wasn’t much older than me!). :-O )

As you can easily see from the photos, I once again ended up in a photo studio, there I am rather seldom because white wall and I are not quite as good friends. But when the photo wall is pink, yes, that’s where I’m going to be 😀 At Artman-Photography I won’t have stood in front of the lens for the last time, super nice ambience and the atmosphere was very exuberant. You can see it too, can’t you? 🙂

I hope you like my new pattern so much and until Monday you can also benefit from the introductory price!

Love, Carina

Sewing pattern: Summer Dress by Sewera
Fabric: Market
Photos by: Artman-Photography
Shoes: Diamond Heels

The sun is back and is already warming up quite a bit for a few hours a day. This is so much more my season than the cold winter and so I had to use the great weather for fresh photos! The pictures were taken today shortly before noon and it was really very nice and warm. So no more freezing for good pictures 😉

After the test sewing is before the test sewing and even if I have already made a call for the Y dress last fall, there is now another one. Since it was already too late in autumn, we decided to wait until spring with the dress. In the meantime I sewed the different versions, took all instruction photos, optimized the pattern a little bit and look forward to a new round <3

The dress is made of slightly elastic woven fabrics such as this super soft stretch satin, which I got from Amy&Luke. It is also possible to sew the Y-Dress out of inelastic woven fabric but in a diagonal grainline. I only advise against knit fabric, because otherwise the dress can quickly fall out of shape. The name for the pattern is given by the position of the bust darts, these are directed towards the front centre and form a Y there.

With the narrow pencil skirt it looks like a very elegant shift dress, but the pattern also contains a wide cut skirt. For all those who don’t want it to be so tight 😉

Look how busy I was, the dress simply needed to be hemmed by hand, so that you can’t see a single stitch of it from the outside. It always looks so much better and it’s no big deal to make!

Luckily the ground was still frozen here, so I could stand quite well despite 12cm high heels… 😉 The dress pattern also has a second back, which is closed high. For all those who don’t dare to go out on the street without a bra under the dress or who are too insecure about adhesive cups. I will show you a dress with a wide skirt and a closed back soon.

But now it’s up to you, because my team is looking forward to some more testers:

  • Please apply with whole sentences, a few nice words, your size and a link to your page. Simply leave a comment right here under this blog post, on my Instagram photo with this dress or in my Facebook group Sewera Sewing Bees.
  • The pattern contains the sizes 32 – 50 and two separate front parts for A-C Cup or D+ Cup.
  • The test sewers will be selected by the end of the week (22 February) and announced on Facebook/Instagram. Please only apply if you have a Facebook profile, otherwise the organisation will always be a bit difficult.
  • Planned publication is 14 March, photo submission on 12 March. By then you should have sewn and photographed at least one dress (logical, right? 😉 ).

I hope that I can address a few of you with it and look forward to your applications!

Love, Carina

Sewing pattern: Y-Dress (coming soon)
Fabric: Sponsored von Amy&Luke
Photos: by Mama
Shoes: Sponsored by DiamondHeels

Recently I showed you on Facebook what is next for me. Now the dress is decorated with the pearls and I can finally show it to you in full splendor <3

For quite some time I wanted to sew a really elegant winter dress again. First I thought of a stretch velvet, that shines so beautifully and looks also really noble. But finally I decided on a warmer fabric, the happy fleece in dark purple here.

For the noble touch I sewed on some pearls and sequins in diligent manual work. I admit, to cuddle the dress is perhaps not quite so practical. But hey, it looks great and sometimes that just counts more 😉 After all, it is very cuddly from the inside with the fabric.

Mama said ‘don’t look so well-behaved’ in the photo – as if she was trying to say that I wasn’t well-behaved. Hmmmm, is she right? *smile*

Well, then how am I supposed to stand there and look? Maybe not do it at all, then you also see that I can look very well also totally unsuitable. But hey it’s about the dress and not about me! I made the pattern completely new – I already promised you with the children’s blouse that there will be something for us ladies again very soon. So here it is.

The ‘Love Dress’ captivates by its simple elegance together with round curved bust darts. These give the dress a very special touch and as you can see, it doesn’t have to be boring. With a few fine details you can make a lot more out of it very quickly. And if you like it rather discreet, nothing stands in the way.

Now you are asked, would you like to be a tester for the Love Dress?

  • Pattern in sizes 32 – 50 / 2 – 20
  • Bust darts for A-C Cups and D+ Cups
  • Waist darts in the back
  • Slightly flared A-line
  • As the name Love Dress suggests, it will be released on Valentine’s Day. Deadline is therefore 12.2.19
  • It is sewn from stretch materials such as happy fleece, stretch sweat, romanite, knit fabrics, etc.

Well, are you in? Then apply with a short sentence (or 2, 3, 4…) about yourself and leave me a link to your page.

I am looking forward to you!

Love, Carina


Sewingpattern dress: Love Dress by Sewera (coming soon)
Photos by: Mama

Kids blouse

My children have both grown very quickly lately, and by the time I had finished a few things, they were almost too short again. Nevertheless, there are still self sewn clothes and I hope that I can catch up again. At least until the next growth spurt comes. In today’s project it was the daughter’s turn. Something elegant is missing in her wardrobe at the moment, mostly it will be very fast sweaters and comfortable trousers that I sew her (or she sews herself sometimes…).

I know, I used to say I didn’t do children patterns anymore. But if you don’t find what you want but do really badly want to sew it…. What do you do then? Exactly, the design the Posh Blouse for girls.

The blouse comes exactly like the one for ladies with pleats at the neckline and different sleeve lengths. Only the bust darts are missing 😉 It is sewn from soft flowing woven fabrics, like this non-elastic velvet.

Taking photos is always a challenge for us, on the one hand I feel more comfortable in front of the camera than behind it and on the other hand I have the ambition that the photos will still be great. To relax the child a bit I told her to make a grimace. The picture was created in the process. Well, this is how I see her every few days anyway 😉 But most of the time we are really a great team. Except if I want to give her hair some volume. And of course she agreed to show the picture here. After that we could laugh about it.

The new filters on my phone are great, by the way, you don’t even need to edit the photos anymore *smile*.

But now to the main topic of the post: Yes, the pattern should be tested! And I am looking for some volunteers to support me.

  • Patterns in sizes 110 – 152 (child’s height in centemeters)
  • Photos with child, but face may be nicely hidden (with hat, mask, detail…)
  • Planned publication on 31 January – Feedback & photos must be submitted before this date
  • Nice people who help each other and apply in complete sentences

Have I aroused your interest and you have a child at home to whom you would like to sew a simple but elegant blouse? Then apply now here under this post or on Facebook or Instagram with a link to your page, the size you want to sew and why I should take you.

I’m looking forward to seeing you!

Love, Carina


Sewing pattern blouse: Posh Blouse Girls (coming soon)
Fabric: Stoffdepot


The X in this dress is destined to put a special focus on our waist. Whether you already got a very slim waist or not, this pattern is supposed to make it look really slim. At least that was what i had in mind when designing the new pattern. First i wanted to call it X-Mas Dress, but i don’t want anyone to think you can only wear it for christmas, so now it’s just the X-Dress.
The parting lines are not only pretty, they also hide breast darts, allowing the dress for a great fitting. It’s made with two separate front pieces for either bigger or smaller breasts.

Slim waist

The black side pieces make up an extremely gorgeous detail for a very sexy look. The dress has a straight hemline as well as the V-hemline shown here. You can also choose between a V-neckline or regular round neckline. All sewn with a facing for a neat finish.

Did the X-Dress already get your attention? It’s perfect for winter, this one sewn with a punta di roma fabric, a very thick knit fabric. But it’s also possible with about any stretch knit fabric like sweatfabric or cotton & viscose knit for summerdresses if you rather like to get a short sleeved dress.

I took my daughter into the forrest for these pictures and was constantly giving instructions on how i want the photos to be. Accordingly to this, my expression is also rather unrelaxed. But she did a really great job! We even ended up using our short trip as a science lesson. Since i’m homeschooling her, we learn new stuff pretty much everywhere we go. Right now we’re focusing on nuts, so we picked up some acorns to study them at home. Learning is so easy and can be done everywhere!

But now let’s get to one of the probably more interesting part of this post:

It’s time for a new tester call! You already heard about some details of the dress. If you would like to support me for my pattern testing withing the next about 3 weeks, please leave a comment with your size (the dress is made for sizes 0 – 20 / german size 32 – 50). Remember, christmas is already coming soon and you might be very glad to already have your dress finished a few days ahead 😉
Please also add a link to your blog, FB page or Instagram account so i can have a look at your pictures.

I’m looking forward to having you in my team!

Love, Carina

Pictures: taken by my daugther
Pattern: X-Dress (coming soon)
Fabric: Romanit/Punta di Roma (private stash)

Tester Call

Every few weeks it is time again, I have tons of new ideas and one or the other finds its way to paper and is implemented. In addition to all the rather elaborate pattern, it takes in between fast, simple projects that are sewn in no time. Just like the new Basic pattern, the ‘Simply Raglan’ shirt.

Raglan Shirt

As the name suggests, it is a pattern with raglan sleeves. It is nicely flowing around the figure and therefore suitable for all who usually complain in my designs that are mostly rather slim fitted 😉

Style it!

Of course, the patter, even though it is quite basic, still has a few different ways. Apart from breast darts for smaller or larger breasts (yes, the shirt should still make a good figure!), You also have the choice between a V-neck and round neck as well as 4 different sleeve lengths.

The pattern has already been tested and graded in sizes 32 – 50/2 – 20. To apply, just leave a comment with a link to your page (blog, FB, Insta, etc) and write briefly why I should have YOU right there. Sewn is from the end of the week for about 10 – 12 days.

I am looking forward to seeing you!
Yours, Carina



Sewing pattern Shirt: Simply Raglan (coming soon)
Sewing pattern pants: Sporty Leggings by Sewera