A little bit of Fashion

Sometimes i get those crazy ideas in my mind, the kind i need to actually make immediately cause else they’ll haunt me for days. Now sewing a new bodysuit was on my list for quite a while already, they are just so incredibly comfy and practical. No more cold hips, no more undies showing when sitting down.. You see my point? But as a bodysuit alone doesn’t make a whole outfit, there had to come something else.


Now i just had to have this picture. It’s pretty much ME, showing me the way i am. Probably insane at times, funny and silly. Standing there in my high-heels, skirt & bodysuit in the middle of winter, while one storm after another is picking up, combined with a lot of rain. Luckily, my friend muckelie is very patient with me, especially when all my poses and expressions just suck. Telling me where to look at and how to put my hands, we made a few decent photos in the end.

Tulle and polka dots

Here’s for the crazy idea i mentioned above. A skirt, made with tulle fabric. The thin polka dots have been hidden in my stash for many years already, waiting for its purpose. Directly underneath the dots, i put a layer of white tulle to make the polka dots somewhat more visible. Next i added 3 layers of ruffled tulle for a lot of volume. And since the tulle is quite sturdy and cratchy, i lined the skirt with a thin lining fabric. Now all of this adds up to a total of 6 layers. I bet you can fully understand why i was cussing in several languages while sewing the skirt 😉

Blue Fashion

After a rather long time, i finally managed to make myself one of those ‘typically Sewera’ outfits again. Haven’t done one of those for a while and i missed it. I get this special kind of feeling, excitement when i plan it and then again when it’s done. Don’t get me wrong, i love my basic everyday outfits very much too, but it’s just different when the clothes have some ‘extra’ to them. Even if i have to insert a zipper into 6 layers of fabric 😉

I hope you like my new outfit as much as i do and would love to hear what u think about it in a comment 😉




Sewing pattern bodysuit: Bodysuit by Sewera
Sewing pattern skirt: Skirty by Sewera
Photos by: muckelie
Shoes: Karl Lagerfeld
Fabric: blue knit by-mami


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